The garden of 'de Witte Wolk'




A short description of our garden

Our one-acre garden surrounds the house and is open to the public all year round.

Many paths, wide and narrow, make you all but lose your way in a wild garden, then lead you through a park, down along a deep ditch, then up again to look down on a beautiful walled pond, along a fence with lyrics from days of old, which make you hum along with their tunes, past the many seats and views of the large and quiet lawn with its fountain, passing the statues and objects created by Nirad, which give the garden such a personal and light-hearted character.

This garden is a captivating place where you can also repose, regain your breath, enjoy yourself, read, write and meditate and, if you feel like it, lend a hand.

OPEN GARDEN: Our garden can be visited all year round.
For a small fee we can show you around and offer you a cup of tea or coffee. Will you please let us know beforehand?
Would you like to visit our garden, but you live a long way off, then you can spend the night in our B&B. Please have a look at our B&B page on this website.

We are associated with the foundation 'de Nederlandse Tuinen Stichting' and the guild of gardens 'Het Tuinpad Op'.




Photos of our garden


Our garden in the French magazine 'Mon Jardin & Ma Maison' in April 2020

Our garden was given 8 pages in this magazine. The text writer emphasized the harmonious and meditative atmosphere, that was also expressed by the pictures.
Click here for a pdf of this article.



Our garden as featured in the magazine 'Landleven' in August 2014

The garden of 'de Witte Wolk' featured in the Dutch magazine 'Landleven' in August 2014. The editor chose the theme of reuse. We were not quite aware that this is a theme in our garden, as it comes natural to us.







Events in the Garden of 'de Witte Wolk' in 2024

The garden of 'de Witte Wolk' is open daily from 10.00 - 17.00.

Saturday and Sunday April 27 and 28
Spring marathon: Open Garden Weekend organised by 'Het Tuinpad Op'.

Saturday and Sunday June 15 and 17
The National Open Garden Days organised by 'Groei & Bloei'.

Saturday and Sunday June 22 and 23
Summer marathon: Open Garden Weekend organised by 'Het Tuinpad Op'

Saturday and Sunday July 20 and 21
Open Garden Relay organised by 'Groei & Bloei'.

Saturday and Sunday October 5 and 6
Autumn marathon: Open Garden Weekend organised by 'Het Tuinpad Op'.




The labyrinth

In the middle of the lawn, around the fountain, lies a labyrinth in the shape of a spiral.
A labyrinth is not a maze in which you can get lost. You can only go in, and that is what it is all about: walk the labyrinth and go in.

You can take off your shoes, slowly walk the spiral and take in the changing panoramic view of the garden.
You can also feel what 'going in', 'going to the heart' means to you.
You can stay in the middle as long as you wish, and then slowly walk the spiral out again.


The little temple

We have created a little temple in our garden!
We found such a meditation niche in the garden of the Samavihara centre with Romy and René, whereupon Nirad's artistic blood started to flow, which resulted in this little temple.